Mission and Vision

Audy Global Enterprises is an umbrella corporation holding the business interests of Fredy Audy in the development, manufacturing and global marketing of consumer products. Audy Global Enterprises is designed as an incubator of businesses producing leading edge consumer products. We pride ourselves on taking an idea from inception to the finished product, from the finished product to the world’s doorstep.

The companies under the Audy Global Enterprises umbrella are each designed to promote this mission. Audy Global Enterprises provides innovation, creativity and vision to its subsidiary business enterprises. The patience to nurture innovation, the flexibility to foster creativity, and the vision that only comes from experience in the global marketplace.

This is Audy Global Enterprises, the parent to dynamic coordinated businesses, each specializing in product development, manufacturing and global marketing for the 21st century.

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Industrial Design Firm

brand product development

product innovation
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