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by saxman569 on GoVision HD Sunglasses
very nice product

Pictures are clear, Video comes out pretty good have to get used to minimum movement of your head when filming.

by Livecam5559 on GoVision HD Sunglasses
Very interesting.

I'v only used the camera glasses a few twice now! But WOW! The video is sharp & fluent! The sound is really great too. So in short. So far, so good! A real test will not only be trying them in low lite. And at least 30 minutes straight. I read about the heat issue, while using them longer. Suggestion while using them. Put a small piece of duck tape to cover the red light. Once you KNOW it's running. No one would ever realize It's a camera too!

by mamablazer on GoVision HD Sunglasses
Great video quality

The video quality is awsome. The reason I only gave 4 stars, glasses are big. Only fits husband. Need to make smaller pair for women.


This item works pretty well but I wouldn't buy another one at any rate.

by Fierylass on GoVision HD Sunglasses
Boyfriend loves them

Got these for my boyfriend. He wore these when he competed in a mountain biking event. Worked like a charm, even with all that jostling around.

by joebagadoughnuts on GoVision HD Sunglasses
I Spy

I just bought a pair, of the Go/Vision Full Camcorder Glasses, with Case and 8GB Card. I bought them a week ago, and I used them for the first time today, 7/17/2015. They were easy to set up. I took 10, 3 minute videos, and 30 photos to test them out. I could not believe the quality of the videos, and the photos. The price was great, and I got them in 4 days with free shipping. I recommend the Go/Vision sunglasses to everyone, give them a try I know you'll like them too,

Great Idea, Love it...

I'd like to say I have tried this bye now. I have not though, only because of so much going on in my life with a couple of people very close to me that are very, very sick. Such as B.C. with a Sis. and a bro. 2 yrs. older than I had a lung taken out due to a lobe with C. in it as well. His prognosis is very good if he follows MD's orders. Sis, not sure yet, but I refuse to believe anything but good, because, GOD is the only one that has control. If HE Brings us To it, HE WILL BRING US THROUGH IT !!I hope to use these to record some time with her, while she recoups. She is a very private person and I am the only family member she has told, other than her son. So All you folks here at HSN, Pls. Pray for L. , I know she would appreciate that. I will let you know how the Glasses work out when I get the chance to use them. Thanks for all your great deals. Please do not put this on for people to read or hear, using my name. That is for my sisters privacy more than mine. Anyone that knows me

by chrislee59 on GoVision HD Sunglasses

These would be perfect if you could see what you are recording. Of course, they'd be more expensive and probably not as easy to use as simply wearing sunglasses. As is, still a bunch of fun. Everyone on Facebook comments on the great video quality. I was able to capture bike week here just driving around.

by Bennyjune on GoVision HD Sunglasses
there okay

I tested them and they are cool and they are light weight and I do like the lenses but they get really hot on the side of them where the memory card goes and they could be better designed I think possibly slimmer some how, The video and picture quality are great and I think if you have active kids or yourself are very active and if you are a youtuber I think that they would be awesome but for everyday people like me with no real activities they are your average glasses.

by RemrenGigi on GoVision HD Sunglasses

The video and camera functions, sound is good. I like this type of technology. I took a trip to Belgium, Holland & by the time I retrieved the camera and set it into action, the moment was no longer there. I also do not like a camera hanging from my neck or in a cumbersome carry position. This hands free offering is very nice. I see the need for action photos and movies and also the application of this to a learning video while directly participating in the event and describing what is going on directly. I would like to see an option of a lighter ombre glass for daytime situations and also more card options and easier recharging by a device while still on the move. I hope you will continue to improve on the glasses.

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