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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Fleadome Act is a Natural Flea Killer,┬áNon-toxic & Odorless. With Spray Away & Foam Up make it extremely easy to apply to your pet.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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by Jim & Nancy Greenback, Coral Gables, FL on Fleadome

After going through the WORST season EVER for fleas, we wanted to personally thank you guys for Fleadome Act! My husband first words after using it on our animals were I think this is actually a great product. Turns out it WORKS for both cats and dogs.... This product kept fleas, ticks, mites and the "skeeters" at bay for all our animals and we just wanted to say thanks. Loyal customers.

by Rebecca Newton, Indianapolis, IN on Fleadome

Your product is amazing. After two rounds of a very expensive and very well-known flea killer, my cat, and dog would still be scratching and showing signs of irritation. The day after the treatment, they also seemed very lethargic, and not happy! So glad I tried Fleadome Act, it worked quickly, and the cat and dog responded so well, no lethargy and their coats look great!

by Chris Rucker, Virginia Beach, VA on Fleadome

It is wonderful to find a product that really works in killing fleas and yet is all natural. I was always worried about using poison or chemically based products on my dog and the possible lingering affects it could have on him. I don't use those kinds of toxic products any more as this works just as well and is much healthier for my dog Noodles. I did this outside because the fleas seem to drop off his hair almost instantly after being suffocated. We'd just go for a walk afterwards for fun. I really like the fact that Fleadome Act it is odorless. All other flea remedies smell so bad. It really makes it a pleasure to deal with. I'm so appreciative of what you are offering here.

by Jerod Camp, Charlotte, NC on Fleadome

I use the Fleadome Act Spray-Away and the Foam-Up regularly as a safe and gentle flea preventative, but also to deter ticks and mosquitoes which carry diseases that could be fatal to my pets plus a few other insects as well. I didn't know that until I called and asked. That information was on the website I just missed it but they were very courteous and attentive to me as their customer anyway. They were great at answering all my questions. In today's world, you just don't get such great customer service anymore. How refreshing! You have my email and I would be happy to be a reference any time.

by Hannah J, St. Louis, MO on Fleadome

The Fleadome Act Foam-Up works great on cats. I just kind of pet it on as needed so it didn't bother her at all. She likes the attention, it doesn't hurt her and there's no bad odor to make her want to flee the room as quickly as she can. I've been finding dead fleas so this works. After about the third day, we saw no more fleas that were alive. Awesome! We are all happy here now. My order was shipped quickly and it arrived in excellent condition too. Purchasing from Fleadome Act was a very smooth transaction from beginning to end. Thank you!!!